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Friday, April 08, 2005

Two Kazes make a wrong

kazuhisa didn't do himself any favors doing his "ankiel" act by walking a couple batters in the first inning yesterday, and kazuo didn't help matters by ole-ing a ball. bottomline is the mets buried themselves in another 1st inning hole and never saw daylight again.

willie joins casey stengel in the el stinko starto department with this 0-3 start. the mets haven't done that since 1964. ya gotta believe the team won't end up with a 1964-ish record. who knows, though. people have complained that willie doesn't even have any minor league managing experience. perhaps they won't be saying that after his tenure with the mets is done. if he hasn't gotten any other thing from the series against cincinnati, let's hope he at least figured out how to pull off the double switch now.

so it's off to atlanta. mets fans always delusionally regard the braves as hated "division rivals." they may be hated, but the mets haven't rivalled the braves for anything in a long time. only mikey piazza remains from any hint of competitiveness here, and he's too dog-tired already to remember anything. get that man some flaxseed elixir NOW! where's anderson bourell when you need him?

well, i'm sure in a week or so, while the mets are cruising juggernaut-style, we'll all be laughing about this slow start and the chicken little worries of so many fans. right?

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