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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Anna Benson's husband

anna benson's husband was the #4 starter in the pirates rotation behind oliver perez, josh fogg and kip wells. many moons ago, he was the #1 overall pick in the nation as a bluechip ace out of clemson university. that kind of hype will cut you a ton of slack in this business. it carried benson for a good number of years in pittsburgh, despite the fact that he was an underachieving sub-mediocrity with a high era and serious arm injuries. in the end, though, pirates fans tired of the bensons.

luckily, in new york city, anyone can blow into town and reinvent oneself. this is precisely what anna benson and her husband have done. anna has fashioned herself as some sort of pseudo-celebrity who'll flash her horseteeth and mother-of-three saggy funbags at any and all photographers. she's also been desperately trying to pitch a reality show idea to all 28 tv networks that air that stuff. for his part, anna benson's husband has miraculously reinvented himself as a 20 year old blue chip stud again. the mets made him priority #1 this winter and threw $22.5M at him without blinking. the mets dragged their asses and feet to give philip humber (a true young blue chip prospect) $5M so they couldn't fast track him last june at binghamton. however, there was no problem throwing tons more at a long ago failed prospect like benson to become another can't miss guru peterson miracle resurrection project. go figure.

my thought now is that benson, zambrano, and glavine would really bolster the norfolk tides rotation. they're already playing longtime major league vets: gerald williams, brian daubach, mike difelice and benji gil in the everyday lineup, so they'll fit in perfectly with the AAAA atmosphere.

am i being too harsh on anna benson's husband? maybe, but ask a pirates fan if i am.

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