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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Close your eyes tightly and make him go away

how terrible is victor zamboozled? how many years has it been since he was converted from a terrible infielder to a terrible pitcher? when the hell is guru peterson gonna find 10 minutes to fix him? what's with all the questions anyway? enough already! send him immediately to norfolk. bring jae seo up here now.

enough of the charity projects. the mets were zamboozled. admit it. that's the first step. just admit it. giving up kazmir was grand larceny. getting damaged goods in zamboozled was just salt in the wound. being forced to give the arbitration eligible millions in the off-season was cruel and unusual punishment. now having to endure him in 2005 is just insane. stop it. it's not funny anymore. now that we've admitted the wrongdoing and the problem, fix it. obviously zamboozled is more of a 10 month or multi-year project, and nothing a stopwatch can time. he's the closest to rick ankiel in the majors. hit batters, walks, wild pitches, balks. WTF are the mets doing trotting this guy out and passing him off as a major league pitcher for?

it's already insulting enough with glavine shamelessly stealing fred wilpon's money and anna benson's husband doing his bad impersonation of a pitcher. this zamboozling thing is just way way way over the line. it's unconscionable to subject fans to him. get him out of here. is he salvagable? who knows? who cares?

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