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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Down on the farm - 5/3

this is a very semi-irregular minor leagues update i post on the MSG messageboard. i know there are some folks who appreciate it there, but on the whole, i don't think most fans follow the mets minor leagues that deeply. so whenever i post it there, i'll put here on the crappy blog too. maybe it'll reach more people who are interested in this stuff like me.

i'm actually a minor league and draft junkie, going back to when i was a little kid, reading all the minor league boxscores in The Sporting News and following guys like Dwight Gooden and Lenny Dykstra while they racked up incredible numbers in A ball. i guess when you follow a traditionally horrible major league team like the mets, you always have your eyes on the kids down below. the wilpon era record with draft picks, phenoms, can't miss blue chips and the sort has been atrocious, but ya still gotta believe.

AAA: norfolk edged durham, 8-7. tides starter jason scobie (4-0, 2.93) got banged around for the first time this year, giving up 5 er in 4.2 ip. cammy got his first rehab game in at AAA, had a single, run and two walks in 5 plate appearances. suddenly, it's become midnight for vic diaz and he's turned into a pumpkin, so cammy's return will be more welcomed than it seemed a short while ago. jeff keppinger remains en fuego, going 4-5 to raise his avg to .380. brian daubach is a triple crown god. he went 2-5 with a bases loaded clearing single for 3 ribbies. he now leads the IL with a .388 avg, 8 hr, and 28 rbis. too bad he only plays 1B. also too bad he's a 33 year old longtime major league vet, not a 23 year old prospect. anyway, daubach was originally a 17th round mets draft pick in 1990. other picks that year? jeromy burnitz (17th overall), aaron ledesma (2nd round), fernando vina (9th round), and darren dreifort (11th round - unsigned).

AA: kevin deaton (2-2, 1.65) looked sharp again, going 6 ip, 2 er, striking out 9, and walking only one for the win. binghamton topped akron, 9-3. permanent binghamton residents jeff duncan (3-4, triple, 2 runs, rbi, bb) and prentice redman (2-4, double, 2 runs, bb) had good nights. both 3B chase lambin (.382) and aarom baldiris (.308) went 2-3.

A: st lucie fell to jupiter, 4-3. starter vicent cordova (2-1, 3.09) didn't give up an earned run in 6.1 ip, but he did give up 3 unearned runs on 3 hits. he struck out 6, walked 2. brett harper (.291) went 2-4 and collected his 27th rbi.

A: gaby hernandez (2-1, 3.25) picked up the win in hagerstown's 11-4 victory over kannapolis. gaby only gave up 1 hit and 2 er in 5 ip, but he walked 5 and k'd 4. matt durkin (1-1, 2.55) followed for 3 innings of 1 hit relief, allowing 1 er, 3 walks, and striking out 2. mighty morphin ambiorex continues to turn the corner, going 2-4 to raise his avg above the mendoza line to .209. he hit homer #4, a double, scored twice and also picked up a walk. tyler davidson (.227) also had a homer (2) and double, collecting 4 rbis on the night.

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