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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good Grief, Jae Seo

jae seo upped his record to 2-1 with 7 sparkling innings of 1-hit ball with 8 k's and 2 bb. then he was sent back down to norfolk.

such is life for jae seo.

such is life for the new york mets.

i could write a novel about this, but it's old territory. you know the story anyway.

jae won a rotation job in spring training 2003, but the mets were infatuated with the david cone fantasy, so seo had to wait his turn. then he had a solid rookie season, logging in over 180 innings. but he somehow lost his job and major league spot in spring training 2004 as the mets had some tyler yates/scott erickson fantasy they wanted to play out. it was a wasted year for the discouraged seo. again, in 2005, seo is the victim of inferior numbers as the mets have to figure out what to do with this "depth" they have. the mets are wading neck high in this rotation depth.

doesn't seem possible that seo has options left. seems he's been on the norfolk shuttle a bit too many times already, but i guess the mets know what they're doing right? hmmm.

yeah, seo's been treated like shit overall. it's a wonder he's still battling so hard after having his trade request back to korea or anywhere unfulfilled over the winter. i guess he's still hoping for a deal somewhere, and he's doing his best to impress for that purpose. personally, i hope the mets just figure out what to do with the logjam of crap and get him back up here in time for his next start. that's their thinking, right? it has to be.

Ya know, if you pitch well, like Seo and Royce Ring, you get sent down. If you pitch like pure crap, like Glav and Zambrano, you're in the show. Makes no sense at all. At least they had the minimal sense to keep Diaz.

Richard, www.MetsHeavenMetsHell  

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