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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The jingle is dead! Long live the jingle!

OK, i finally reached the puke point and ditched the beloved Meet The Mets jingle on the blog. i think the most important thing is that this song remains beloved to all of us, and personally i was getting sick of it. if anyone has the dulcet tones of jane jarvis in mp3 or wav format, let me know and i'll think about reviving the tunes player. for now, enjoy the sweet "sounds of silence."

and with that, apologies to simon & garfunkel. here's some lyrics i came up with earlier today:

and here’s to you, felix heredia
omar loves you more than you will know (whoa whoa whoa)
god bless you, please, guru peterson
give him an hour, he'll fix the pen today (hey hey hey – hey hey hey)

we’d like to put some strobe lights on your arms, torso and legs
we’d like to help you learn to help yourself
let's change your arm angle twenty times a year
i'm a guru, son, there is nothing to fear

and here's to you, felix heredia
a busted thumb keeps you out of the show (whoa whoa whoa)
god bless you please, guru peterson
the bullpen is the place for those who pray (hey hey hey - hey hey hey)

ay caramba, manny's coming in the game again
take it to the bank, he's gonna get smacked
it's a little nightmare, another guru fix-it job
no more dejean mustard, let's call up the kids

koo koo pee you, felix heredia
jesus loves you more than mets fans do (boo hoo hoo)
god bless you please, manager willie
lock the bullpen up, don't let them play (hey hey hey - hey hey hey)

sitting in the bullpen on a sunday afternoon
tommy boy's down five-zip after three
cry about it, whine about it
when you’ve got to choose
every way you look at it you lose

where have you gone, jae weong seo?
mets fans turn their bleary eyes to you (woo woo woo)
what's that you say, guru peterson?
jae weong seo has left and gone away? (what the hey? F'n-A!)

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