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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

tommy glavine is another of the bad players on the mets you have to feel sorry for. here's a former all-star pitcher who was proceeding on his HOF-bound career when he signs a mega-contract to be the ace for the new york mets. then he crapped out on crappy teams. the only happy moment he can recall as a met was the game the mets let his brother play 1B two septembers back. that's sad. at this point though, the mets aren't as crappy as before, and if there is any familiar lingering crap smell, it's the likes of glavine that's producing it.

i do feel bad for him, but i feel a lot worse for the mets and for myself as a fan. the mets simply cannot allow this man to get his innings in and vest his option for a guaranteed $10.5 M next season.

how many innings does glavine need this season to get that guaranteed 4th year? well, that's not clear. i thought it was 200 ip for 2005 or 600 ip for 2003-2005, but now metsblog.com is mentioning that espn had an article saying glavine needed 560 ip. anyway, you slice it, glavine needs at least 25 more crummy starts and at least 150 or so innings more to go. this cannot happen. is it too transparent a ploy to drop glavine from the rotation at this point? maybe it is, but the mets just cannot let glavine return with a big sticker price next year.

anna benson's husband returns to the rotation in a couple days. we still have heilman and seo up here, and when i think of trotting tommy boy out there again and again and again and again for the post-pedro flop, it does make the phlegm come up, doesn't it? i'd much rather roll the dice with both aaron and jae. at least they're not mummified yet, and show some youthful effort each time out there in their desperate, last chance bids to finally stick for good here. tommy is playing out his string like the walking dead. he's walking everybody and the mets are dead with him pitching. stop the madness. stop the sadness. stop the badness.

tommy, thanks for trying. the bullpen is out there to your right. you can have a seat next to koo and the gang.

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